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Beautiful drop rough diamond earrings
with 18ct rose gold with oxidised silver
and pave set round diamonds .
Embellished with pave set white diamonds
on beautiful aquamarine drop earrings
with two marquise diamonds set in
18ct white gold. 
Extraordinary 18ct rose gold earrings
decorated with white round diamonds.
Also available in 18ct white gold.
Very rare oval shaped star sapphire
earrings with white round cut diamonds
​set in 18ct white gold earrings.
Exceptional drop turquoise earrings
decorated with round white diamonds and 
set in 18ct yellow gold earrings.
Unusual honey topaz earrings surrounded
with pave set round brilliant diamonds in
18ct. Rose gold. 
Unique snake earrings made from 
oxidised silver  and yellow gold with
fancy colour diamonds and emeralds.
One of a kind.
Angels Wings:
Fossilised mammoth tusk carved as
earrings with 18ct rose gold and round
cut diamonds and two marquise
Ear cuff and wing earrings made in 
18ct rose gold with round brilliant cut
diamonds.  An essential part of your
jewellery collection.

Blue opal drop earrings made in 18ct
rose gold and round brilliant cut 
diamonds with two marquise cut
Engraved green agate drop earrings 
embellished with oxidised silver with pave 
set diamonds and 18ct rose gold finish at 
​the top.
Two-colour sapphire earrings. 
Yellow sapphire and blue sapphire earrings 
embellished with oxidised silver and pave
set with fancy colour diamonds.
Natural pearls with leaf style drop earrings
in 18ct rose gold with round cut white
diamonds in pave setting.
​Star and stud earrings made in 18ct gold
in yellow, rose or white gold with round 
cut diamonds or just use as a stud 
Red and pink sapphires in 18ct rose gold
earrings. Exceptional coloured sapphires 
with fancy colour diamonds.
Diamond earrings. High quality diamonds
in emerald cut and round brilliant cut
made in 18ct white gold.
​Diamond drop earrings. Specially chosen
baguette cut and round brilliant cut 
diamonds set in 18ct white gold.
Gasia's gemstone-encrusted 18ct white gold
earrings are a show-stopper. It has been 
finished with fancy coloured diamonds. 
Outstanding craftsmanship.
Oxidised silver loop earrings. They feature
a snake wrapped around the loop and 
decorated with diamonds. Sterling silver
and 18ct rose gold.
Hand carved African ebony wood drop
earrings with 18ct rose gold with pave set
round brilliant cut white diamonds. 
18ct rose gold drop earrings. They are 
decorated with sapphires and dark topaz 
gemstones. A matching ring and pendant 
​are also available.
Moonstone drop earrings featuring
three different shades of moonstones and 
surrounded by 18ct rose gold with round
cut white diamonds.
Hand carved fossilised mammoth tusk 
large earrings decorated with 18ct yellow 
gold leaves and diamonds. 
Gasia sculpted these from jet to make this 
unusual drop feather earrings. Finished
in 18ct yellow gold with round brilliant cut
white diamonds.
Beautiful diamond earrings with tapered
baguettes and round brilliant diamonds. 
Platinum. Other metal finishes are 
Gasia's signature feather earrings. 
18ct rose and white gold with round cut
​white diamonds.
Exceptional green agate drop earrings with
18ct yellow gold set with round cut white 
diamonds in pave style.