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​Stunning cabochon-cut Burmese ruby with
round cut white diamonds and set in yellow
gold and oxidised silver. Painting has been
finished by hand. 
Gasia's beautiful Africa ring made from 
rare African ebony wood and finished with
hand-carved elephants on each corner with
rose gold and black diamonds. 
Authentic pure gold and diamond ring. 
Handmade by our Master craftsman, set
with white round diamonds and a hand- 
carved Topaz. Must be seen.
Gasia's unique snake design made with 
oxidised silver and rose gold, hand-set 
round diamonds and emeralds in this one
of a kind ring.
Outstanding marquise cut emeralds and 
round cut white diamonds and set in rose
gold. A rare and unusual design.
A very intense Colombian emerald with 
fancy colour marquise cut diamonds in a 
beautiful yellow gold ring.
Gasia's beautiful natural pearl and spider
ring. Made from rare African ebony wood 
and massive natural pearl decorated with
a hand-made gold spider.
Intense coloured cabochon cut Burmese 
emerald with diamonds. It is a beautiful
cocktail ring that made from oxidised silver
and gold.
Gasia's spider ring comes with round cut
white diamonds and in white gold. Hand- 
carved blue topaz has a a spider engraved
and painted by our skilled designers.
One of our attractive full-finger rings.
Dripping with diamonds and made in rose
gold, set with round cut diamonds.
Beautifully-designed topaz and coloured 
diamonds decorates this unique oriental
style ring. It is made in gold and oxidised 
Emeralds, sapphires and diamonds in this
stunning flower ring made from rose gold.
Designed by our creative team, made in 
rose gold and covered with round cut 
white diamonds . 
Gorgeous leaf ring, it wraps around your 
finger and made with rose gold and round 
​cut diamonds .
Centour ring. Made from African ebony 
Decorated with diamonds and rose
gold, hand-painted and hand-carved. 
Topaz with hand painted Centour inside.
Gasia's rose gold ring sparkles with white
round-cut diamonds. It is also available in
bi-colour and platinum.
Handmade in rose gold and brilliant cut 
diamonds. Also available in platinum and 
white gold.
Expertly-designed and finished by Gasia
this outstanding skull ring has white and
black diamonds set in oxidised silver and 
yellow gold.